Top things to do in Coral Bay, Western Australia

At twelve hour's drive north of Perth you've got to seriously want to visit Coral Bay. Even if you fly to Exmouth it's still a good two hour drive. But plenty of people are willing to make the journey and Tania Connolly checks in with ideas on what to see and do once you arrive in this marine paradise...

Top things to do in Coral Bay

Top things to do in Coral Bay, Western Australia

After towing a boat all the way from Perth, it’s a relief to relax in the tropical oasis of Coral Bay.

The appeal lies in its unspoilt surroundings and isolation. There are no high rise hotels, the main road is buried under layers of sand and the only traffic is quad bikes. It’s a chance to completely unwind and relax. Here’s a guide to the top things to do in Coral Bay during your visit.

We abide by the dress code of thongs and sarongs and wander the entire town on foot. From the first holiday shack built in 1933, Coral Bay now boasts accommodation to suit every budget; including camping grounds, caravan parks, a backpacker lodge, chalets and an air-conditioned resort.

Top things to do in Coral Bay

Top things to do in Coral Bay. Image: Bigstock

The atmosphere is warm and casual and we notice everyone wears one particular brand of clothing. Soon we meet Grant, aka “The Billabong Man”. Easily recognised by his gravelly voice, mahogany tan and West Coast Eagles scarf, he’s owned Coral Bay Shells since 1989, originally selling just silver jewellery and shells. Billabong has advised Grant that he’s now the largest supplier of their board shorts in WA – and he’ll add, ‘the cheapest’.

Once our tour of the tiny town is complete, we scramble into swimwear and within 100 paces we’re on the beach. High tide in the morning means pop-up tents cram the shoreline. Silver snapper weave around our ankles as we wade through the shallows, snorkels and goggles at the ready.

Top things to do in Coral Bay

Top things to do in Coral Bay: Ningaloo Reef

A myriad of marine life inhabits Ningaloo Reef – Australia’s only fringing reef – where the coral begins right at the water’s edge. With temperatures soaring to the high 30’s, the glass-like water remains warm. We drift along with the current, admiring the neon blue fish, squid, cod, seahorses and the occasional ‘Nemo’ that dart in and out of the 250 different species of coloured coral. Further out, a lone turtle munches on seaweed. I watch, fascinated, as he floats by me, oblivious to my presence.

Deep sea fishing and whale watching tours are available but we cruise inside the reef in our own boat, catching trevally and Spanish mackerel while trawling past Maud’s Landing and Oyster Bridge.

Our attention is diverted from fishing by about 20 manta rays foraging for food. They barrel-roll, their white bellies stark against the sapphire sea as they tumble backwards, plunging deeper into the darkness before rising majestically from the depths of the ocean. We remain entranced before heading back, escorted by several dolphins, their skins glistening in the sun.

Low tide occurs early afternoon. At 3.30 we join the group gathered on the shore to watch the fish feeding, then set up for beach cricket. Dinner is discussed. We could eat fresh seafood from Fin’s Café, sandwiches or pies from the bakery or devour fish and chips or a burger at Shades, whilst playing pool or watching sport on the large screen.

Top things to do in Coral Bay

Top things to do in Coral Bay. Image: Bigstock

Instead, the kids are despatched to buy pizza from the new Ningaloo Reef Café while we remain on the beach with a glass of wine, smiling as our children’s antics are silhouetted against a sensational saffron sunset.

Do you have any tips for top things to do in Coral Bay? We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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Tania Connolly

About the writer

Tania Connolly is a freelance writer living in Perth. She has travelled to Bali twice and the Gold Coast three times, once with friends, then for her honeymoon and more recently with her young children. The family regularly drives to beautiful Coral Bay twelve hours north of Perth – staying overnight in Kalbarri or at the Billabong roadhouse, with lunch stops in either Geraldton or Dongara. They have ventured into Exmouth and Yardie Creek for day trips. The family has also spent quite a bit of time south of Perth in Margaret River, Dunsborough, Busselton and Bunbury, visiting wineries and searching caves.


  1. Great photos and article; I too love Coral Bay. There’s something magic about the sleepy little town, and its been a couple of years since I’ve been back. I’m starting to get itchy feet!

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