Top New York City travel tips

A visit to New York is largely an exercise in time management. This is a city that offers so much to do, and generally, so little time to do it. Adam Ford checks in with tips for saving time and money during your visit to the Big Apple...

Top New York City travel tips

Top New York City travel tips

To see or not to see – that is the question for every tourist in New York.

The Big Apple (an early 20th century horse racing colloquialism and absolutely nothing to do with pink ladies or the like) is second only to London and possibly Paris in terms of the sheer number of attractions on offer in one city.

If you have limited time (not to mention money), every choice must be carefully assessed. ‘If I decide to walk the entire length of the High Line, will that still give me enough time for brunch in the village, a semi-circle cruise on the Circle Line and an afternoon visit to the Met before my front row seats to Annie? Hmmm, that’s probably pushing it.’ But with steely determination you do it anyway. You have to. This is New York, and the pace never lets up. You can take a holiday from your holiday when you get home.

With all that in mind, here are a few top New York City travel tips to help you plan your perfect sojourn in the city that never sleeps.

Top New York City travel tips

Top New York City travel tips

Invest in a New York Pass

With good planning the New York Pass is well worth the investment – especially the three-day plus versions. This is one of our top New York City travel tips. With most museums and attractions averaging around $30 USD admission for adults, it won’t take long to rack up quite a saving if you aim for at least two included attractions per day. Try and squeeze in three! All the attractions covered here are included in the New York Pass, unless stated.

Top New York City travel tips

Top attractions like the Guggenheim Museum are included in the New York Pass.

Book a hop on hop off bus tour

With your pass in hand you’ll need to get around and New York’s hop on hop off buses will take you pretty much anywhere you want to go. They’re certainly not the fastest mode of transport in the city, but they are one of the most enjoyable – thanks largely to the local guides on board and their continuous wry patter.

Purchase your ticket online or from a local ticket seller (they’re everywhere!) and climb on board. There are different loops to choose from and you get to see a lot of more of the city than you do travelling by subway.

However, one of our top New York City travel tips here is planning. Don’t get stuck at one end of town in peak hour when every tourist in Manhattan is trying to get back to their hotel at the same time. The worst spot to be at this time is Lower Manhattan. Be out of there by 3pm at the latest!

Top New York City travel tips

Top New York City travel tips

Empire State Building vs Top of the Rock?

Choosing between the observation decks at the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller Centre in Midtown is the toughest of our top New York City travel tips to call – and to say we’re caught between a rock and hard place would be an understatement. The Empire State Building is a cherished New York landmark and deservedly so, but in all honesty, if you only have time to do one, the Top of the Rock wins hands down. The crowds are handled far more efficiently, there’s more room at the top, and the views are just as spectacular (including straight down Central Park, which you don’t get at the Empire State Building).

Top New York City travel tips

Top New York City travel tips: View Manhattan’s amazing skyline from the Top of the Rock.

Choose a museum, any museum

There are around 80 museums and galleries to choose from in New York and while that does make the decision on which ones to see quite a conundrum, it also means that there really is something for everyone. We chose MOMA for our art fix and we weren’t disappointed. I’m no art connoisseur, but there were enough Picassos, Monets, Warhols, Pollocks, Gauguins and Van Goghs to keep me oohing and ahhing for a few hours. The design shop is nifty too.

To learn more about the city itself, it was a toss up between the New York Historical Society and the Museum of the City of New York. The latter won based purely on its location on Museum Mile. It was excellent. The history lesson continued at the wonderful Lower East Side Tenement Museum (sadly not included in the New York Pass, but well worth the admission price). This is a chance to learn about the perils faced by the city’s early immigrant population, who lived in appallingly cramped conditions. Ironically, a renovated tenement apartment is now one of New York’s most sought after pieces of real estate.

Where to get the best pastrami sandwich

What’s the best option for your quintessential New York deli experience? Most travel guides rate Katz on the Lower East Side as the top spot to chow down on a traditional pastrami sandwich. One between two people will definitely suffice, and leave enough room to squeeze in a slice of New York cheesecake. You probably won’t need to eat again for a week. It’s a great way to reduce the size of your holiday food bill!

Top New York City travel tips

Top New York City travel tips

Seeing the Statue of Liberty

Seeing Ms Liberty is high on everyone’s to-do-list while in New York City. There are lots of options, including the free Staten Island Ferry. We opted for a drive-by as part of the two-hour Circle Line Ferries Semi-Circle Cruise, which is included in the New York Pass.

Top New York City travel tips

Top New York City travel tips: The Statue of Liberty is one of the must-see sights. Image: Photodune

The cruise goes down the Hudson River from Pier 83, right past Ellis Island and Liberty Island, giving both sides of the boat a good view before chugging off up the East River (past Lower Manhattan) as far at the United Nations Headquarters. Seat yourself on the right hand side of the boat. The views of the statue are slightly better and on the return leg of the cruise you get a closer view of the various Manhattan landmarks.

Do you have any top New York City travel tips to share? We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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