Tips for taking New York hop on hop off bus tours

To hop on or hop off; that is the question for the many visitors to New York City happily ensconced on the hundreds of ubiquitous open-top tour busses that ply the streets. If you only have a few days to explore New York, Geraldine Massey checks in with tips on how to get the most from your ticket to ride...

Tips for taking New York hop on hop off bus tours

Tips for taking New York hop on hop off bus tours

Tips for taking New York hop on hop off bus tours

It’s our first trip to New York City and we only have three days to cram as much as possible into our bite of the Big Apple.

Our mission is to find an introduction to this vibrant metropolis that will meet the diverse needs of our family (parents with teenage and young adult children), when all we really know is what we have gleaned from guide books and a lifetime of New York references in popular culture.

So what are the options?

Well, New York taxis are expensive and the fine art of hailing one is a skill we don’t have time to master. Maps of the subway system present a labyrinth that looks too complicated to negotiate and walking the 59 square kilometres of Manhattan is a daunting prospect.

Tips for taking New York hop on hop off bus tours

Tips for taking New York hop on hop off bus tours. Image: Bigstock

I find the perfect solution to our travel conundrum in the form of the open-top New York hop on hop off buses.

The USA became the birthplace of tourist buses in 1910, when restaurateur Louis Bush converted a Mack truck and offered tours of Washington, DC. Fast forward a century, and here are my tips for taking New York hop on hop off bus tours.

There’s a plethora of New York hop on hop off bus tours that combine the convenience and expertise of guided tours with the flexibility to do your own thing. Tickets range from one to three days, with a variety of packages and combinations that include extras such as water taxi travel or entry to popular New York attractions.

We opt for a 2 Day Deluxe ticket with Big Bus Tours, which at the time of booking includes a free extra day and a bonus sightseeing cruise.

They offer a network of almost thirty well-marked bus stops — from Harlem in the north to Battery Park in the south — located near major landmarks, and a regular schedule that, on a good day in New York’s notorious traffic, sees a bus coming through approximately every twenty minutes.

Tips for taking New York hop on hop off bus tours

Tips for taking New York hop on hop off bus tours: Downtown

Most New York hop on hop off bus bus tours have a friendly local guide on board, ready with entertaining and informative patter covering everything from local history and architecture to celebrity gossip.

Who knew, for example, that SoHo has the world’s biggest collection of cast iron buildings; that Harlem’s famous Apollo Theater launched the careers of music luminaries such as Billie Holliday, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin; or that Hugh Jackman has a three-storey Tribeca apartment overlooking the Hudson River? We do now!

Over the course of our three-day adventure we travel on both the downtown and uptown loops, hopping off to explore anything that takes our fancy and hopping back on the next bus when our exploration is through.

Perched up high on the open top deck, but still dwarfed by the surrounding buildings, we experience New York City up close and personal, immersed in its sights, smells and sounds.

Tips for taking New York hop on hop off bus tours

Hop on or hop off at iconic New York landmarks like the Empire State Building.

Our ticket to ride and handy map allow us to experience obvious favourites like the Empire State Building, bike riding in Central Park and walking around Wall Street and the Financial District.

We also spend happy hours entranced by the Ancient Egyptian and Impressionist art sections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, stuffing ourselves at Tom’s Restaurant (Seinfeld’s diner), and ambling a section of The High Line, a unique public park constructed on a raised section of disused railway.

I always love seeing a city from the water and our one hour sightseeing cruise takes us at a leisurely pace from the East River’s South Street Seaport past the Statue of Liberty, with a loop back under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Unfortunately perhaps, our visit to New York coincides with not only the annual free Concert in Central Park, but also the Tunnel to Towers 5K Run and Walk and the magnitude of Pope Francis’ visit. This triple threat results in road closures and lengthy traffic delays.

As we sit stalled in blustering traffic on a couple of occasions, enjoying the Indian summer weather and witty commentary of our guide, we can only imagine how much more difficult — and how much less fun — this would be if we were left to our own devices.

Tips for taking New York hop on hop off bus tours

Metropolitan Museum Of Art. Image: Bigstock

You won’t get to see the whole city on these New York hop on hop off bus tours, but newbie visitors to this ‘hell of a town’ will get a flexible passport to many of its treasures, complemented by local colour and knowledge.

Seems like the perfect introduction to me.

Do you have any tips for taking New York Hop On Hop Off bus tours? We would love to hear from you. Please leave us a comment.

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