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Ten top things to do in Vientiane, Laos

Located on the border with Thailand in central Laos, Vientiane has had what can only be described as a tumultuous history. All but levelled by conflict in the 19th century, deserted, then rebuilt by the French — today the city is a mash-up of architectural styles, glorious Buddhist temples and intriguing historical monuments. Tick off these ten top things to do.
1 Apr, 2020
Ten top things to do in Vientiane
Ten top things to do in Vientiane: Pra That Luang

Laos’ unassuming low-rise capital city Vientiane needs a little while to work its charms.

Trust me, give it a day or so and you’ll find yourself falling for what is one of Southeast Asia’s most relaxed cities — and one that harbours plenty of hidden surprises.

The laneways of the Old Quarter leading down to the Mekong waterfront are lined with restaurants, cafes and guesthouses, a good percentage of which are housed in restored French-colonial villas. There are golden Buddhist wats dotted across the city and plenty of historical points of interest. While Vientiane doesn’t have the same degree of old-world charm as lovely Luang Prabang up north, it’s still a ‘must-include’ on your Laos itinerary.

Here are ten top things to do in Vientiane.

Ten top things to do in Vientiane
Ten top things to do in Vientiane

1. Enjoy the café culture

Vientiane was a French colonial trading post and has retained plenty of stunning architecture from the period, along with a love of good coffee and pastries to match. Cafe Vanille (formerly Le Banneton) is renowned for its croissants and Danish pastries, which I have to say are out of this world. Get there early to enjoy the pastry cabinet in all its fully stocked glory. Other opportunities for a great café au lait include trendy Naked Espresso, which wouldn’t look out of places on any trendy Melbourne laneway, and stalwart Joma Bakery Cafe.

Ten top things to do in Vientiane
Cafe Vanille. Image: Adam Ford

2. Visit Pha That Luang

Wherever you travel in Laos, the country’s Buddhist wats are a peaceful retreat from the relative chaos outside. Incredibly ornate and endlessly intricate in their design, most wats are freely open to visitors until around 6pm. Remember to dress modestly (covering shoulders and knees) and consider leaving a tip towards maintenance. Taking photos is generally OK, but always seek permission from a monk before you snap. One of the must-see wats in Vientiane is Pra That Luang — a 45-metre-high golden stupa that serves as the national symbol of the country. You’ll find yourself waiting for the sun to strike the 45m-high structure which brings the gilding to life. The wats surrounding the stupa are all worth exploring.

3. Explore Buddha Park

The golden reclining Buddha at Pha That Luang has a similarly sized cousin out at Buddha Park. Located 24 kilometres from the city centre, you can access the whimsical sculpture garden by bus, tuk tuk or on an organised day tour. Climb to the top of the giant pumpkin for Instagrammable views of the fantasy landscape that melds Buddhist and Hindu iconography. It’s quite an experience.

Ten top things to do in Vientiane
Ten top things to do in Vientiane: Buddha Park. Image: Adam Ford

4. Step back in time at Wat Si Saket

Located over the road from the Presidential Palace, the intriguing Wat Si Saket is believed to be Vientiane’s oldest building. Constructed around the beginning of the 19th century, it was all that remained of the city following razing by the Siamese in the 1820s. Today it’s a fascinating, if slightly run down step back in time. The stunning murals inside the central structure have been recently restored with the help of Germany. The slightly haunting collection of Buddha statues stacked up along one wall that were damaged during the Siamese conflict only adds to the atmosphere.

Ten top things to do in Vientiane
Wat Si Saket. Image: Adam Ford

5. Scale the Grand Arch

The Patuxai Victory Monument seems at first glance to be Vientiane’s nod to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, but the monument actually celebrates the country’s push for independence. It’s well worth the cost of the ticket to climb to the top for the amazing 360-degree views of the city. You’ll also find two unexpected levels of souvenir shopping.

Ten top things to do in Vientiane
Ten top things to do in Vientiane: Patuxai. Image: Bigstock

6. Feast on traditional Laotian cuisine

Laos cuisine distils many of the best culinary elements of neighbouring Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and China, giving them a unique local spin. There’s a French infuence in there to make matters even more interesting. Hearty Laos stews are a must-try, along with meat larbs (meat salads), curries and delicacies like deep-fried riverweed. Accompany your meal with an ice-cold Beerlao.

Ten top things to do in Vientiane
Enjoy delicious Laotian cuisine in Vientiane.

7. Take a sunset stroll along the waterfront

The Mekong waterfront forms one edge of Vientiane’s Old Quarter. The waterfront promenade is a little underutilised but it’s worth a sunset stroll to witness a slice of Vientiane city life. Predominantly young Laotians hang out with friends or stroll shyly hand in hand. The mighty Mekong flows gently between Vientiane on one side and Thailand on the other.

8. Browse at the night market

Every evening the promenade along the waterfront transforms into a bustling night market. The market is targeted more at locals than anyone else and sells clothing, cheap electrical items, homewares and random knickknacks. The wares themselves won’t prove overly interesting to most visitors, but again it‘s the opportunity to do a spot of people watching that’s the chief reason to go. There is some street food on offer in the middle section.

Ten top things to do in Vientiane
Ten top things to do in Vientiane. Image: Adam Ford

9. Book a French-inspired stay

The city’s French colonial heritage is celebrated in style at the gorgeous Ansara Hotel in the heart of the Old Quarter. Located on a quiet laneway surrounded by frangipanis and tamarind trees, the hotel’s 28 rooms occupy two fully restored Indochinese villas. Even if you’re not staying at the hotel, splash out on dinner at its fabulous French eatery: La Signature. Ooh la la!

Ten top things to do in Vientiane
Image: Ansara Hotel

10. Relax with a massage

There’s no shortage of cost-effective opportunities across the Old Quarter to enjoy a relaxing massage, but the Tangerine Garden Spa, located just across the road from the Ansara Hotel, is supremely tranquil and suitably chic. Book in for a foot or head and shoulder massage, or a range of spa treatments. You’ll pay a little more here, but hey, you’re worth it.

Do you have any suggestions to add to our list of ten top things to do in Vientiane? We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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