Review: North Stradbroke Island tours from Brisbane offer a day in paradise

Unspoilt sandy beaches, warm clear water, lazy lunches and a relaxed vibe are all part of the quintessential island getaway, but sometimes you don’t have to travel too far to find yourself in paradise, especially if you happen to be in Brisbane. Just join this day tour to North Stradbroke Island in beautiful Moreton Bay. Review: Adam Ford

North Stradbroke Island tours from Brisbane

North Stradbroke Island tours from Brisbane

4.5 stars

North Stradbroke Island tours from Brisbane with Queensland Day Tours

These full-day North Stradbroke Island tours from Brisbane offer the chance to experience the pristine natural beauty of Moreton Bay’s largest island. Take a number of guided strolls around the island and enjoy a relaxed lunch at the iconic Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel. Duration: 9 hours (approx.)

One of the great things about travelling to Brisbane is the array of day tour destinations on offer when you‘ve had enough of city life and want to get away from it all.

All fours points of the compass are covered. To the south of Brisbane lies the Gold Coast with its glitz, glamour and family-friendly theme parks. To the north you have the understated chic of the Sunshine Coast and the self-styled tourist mecca Noosa. To the west lies the picturesque Scenic Rim and Lockyer Valley, which is dotted with charming and character-filled country pubs. And finally, to the east lies possibly the most unsung of all Southeast Queensland’s charms — the tranquil, glistening waters of Moreton Bay.

Moreton Bay stretches from Caloundra (at the Southern end of the Sunshine Coast) all the way down to the Gold Coast, a total distance of just under 130km. The largest island is North Stradbroke and that’s where I’m headed today with Queensland Day Tours on their signature ‘Day in Paradise’ tour. Guests on these Stradbroke Island tours from Brisbane have the chance to immerse themselves in island life, with a full day of sightseeing and plenty of opportunities to wiggle their toes in the sand. Bliss!

The day begins with city pick-ups by our guide Harrison — who we are cheerfully told answers to the name of Harrison, Harry or even Ned (due to a more than passing resemblance to red-bearded bushranger Ned Kelly). It’s a 40-minute run out to the pretty bayside suburb of Cleveland to join Stradbroke Ferries for the 50 mins crossing to ‘Straddie’, as the island is more affectionately known to locals.

Said locals number about 2,500. The Quandamooka people are the traditional owners of most of the island and surrounding waters, and interestingly the recognition of native title here was actually the first in Southeast Queensland. Tourism is one of the biggest local industries; sand mining is another, and has been carried out on the island since 1949. It’s legislated to end in 2019.

North Stradbroke Island tours from Brisbane

North Stradbroke Island tours from Brisbane. Image: Bigstock

The ferry crossing is smooth and comfortable and the on-board café offers what I have to say is a pretty fair latte (so don’t panic like I did if you haven’t managed to find a morning coffee prior to pick-up). We’re encouraged to look out for the resident bottlenose dolphins and dugongs that call the bay home. Sadly there are no sightings, but we get lucky later in the day.

We land at the unassuming township of Dunwich and head off to explore the island’s array of natural habitats, all of which offer something completely different, along with access to a wide variety of native wildlife. This tour is really all about the landscapes visited and they’re pretty spectacular.

Highlights on these Stradbroke Island tours from Brisbane include a visit to Brown Lake and a stroll on the pristine sandy beach at Amity Point. Here we have a chance encounter with two juvenile dolphins, which have literally made their way right in to the shoreline. There are actually signs on the beach discouraging visitors from hand feeding the dolphins, which is extraordinary when you think about it.

North Stradbroke Island tours from Brisbane

North Stradbroke Island tours from Brisbane. Image: Adam Ford

The 30-minute stroll along the North Gorge boardwalk with sweeping views out across the Pacific Ocean from Point Lookout is also pretty special. We spot a large pod of dolphins and plumes of sea spay from several passing humpback whales. The migration is in full swing between April and December. The latter half of the period is when mothers and calves returning from the Coral Sea will often seek shelter in bays and coves along the way to rest and feed.

However, it’s not all about the marine life on these Stradbroke Island tours — as spectacular as it is. Landlubbers we encounter include koalas, agile wallabies and a number of grey kangaroos. You may be lucky enough to spot an echidna. The prolific birdlife on the island will also delight dedicated and would-be twitchers.

North Stradbroke Island tours from Brisbane

North Stradbroke Island tours from Brisbane. Image: Adam Ford

It’s all accompanied with commentary from Harrison, although there is plenty of opportunity to wander at your own pace independently of the group. There’s even the opportunity for a dip, weather permitting.

The venue for our included lunch is the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel, and there’s a variety of traditional pub-grub options to choose from. The hotel replaced the original ‘Straddie Pub’ on this site and offers a laid-back sophistication, perfectly integrated into the coastal surroundings. Drinks can be purchased at the bar.

North Stradbroke Island tours from Brisbane

Image courtesy of Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel

All too soon the day ebbs away with the island tide and we head back to the ferry for the trip home. For a fabulous escape to paradise, these North Stradbroke Island tours from Brisbane are a must.

Adam travelled as a guest of Queensland Day Tours.

Additional images: Bigstock/Photodune


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