Review: The Ginger Factory offers a monster day of fun on the Sunshine Coast inner banner

Review: The Ginger Factory offers a monster day of fun on the Sunshine Coast

Get on the trail of the warty-nosed Gruffalo at The Ginger Factory on the Sunshine Coast. The Gruffalo Trail is just one of the ways to spend your day at this fabulous family attraction.
The Ginger Factory
Meet the Gruffalo at The Ginger Factory. Image: Jack Walden
The Ginger Factory, Sunshine Coast


The Ginger Factory is one of the Sunshine Coast’s best-loved family attractions, and for a limited time it’s home to the Gruffalo Trail augmented reality experience. Enjoy some monster fun in the forest, do a tour and tasting at the factory, see a bee show, and ride the Ginger Train. It’s all aboard for a great day out! Duration: 9am to 5pm daily

Warm, spicy, invigorating, and even explosive; if this doesn’t give you a craving for the zingy taste of ginger, then maybe a trip to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is just what you need to cleanse the palate.

Nestled away from the coastline in the town of Yandina lies The Ginger Factory — Buderim Ginger’s visitor experience. ‘Buderim in Yandina?’, I hear you ask. To cut a long story short, the factory outgrew its Buderim beginnings about 40 years ago and has since resided on a beautiful nine-hectare property at Yandina.

The Ginger Factory
Image courtesy of The Ginger Factory

Stepping inside, you instantly feel like you’re about to have a big adventure. The energy of the staff is infectious and the ‘big’ arrives in the form of a real-life Gruffalo. He’s a temporary resident at The Ginger Factory, and I warn you, you’ll need to tackle the little fans first in order to get a photo with everybody’s favourite monster.

I’ve arrived just in time for the launch of the Gruffalo Trail — an adventure that melds reality with digital effects and will delight the whole family. Before you head into the deep dark forest, download the Gruffalo Spotters 2 App. This is where the fun begins. By wildly flapping your arms and stomping your feet, the characters of the book, such as fox, mouse and owl come to life. You could spend hours recording videos and taking photos of yourself going wild in the woods, but for those who would rather watch from a distance (and have a laugh at someone else’s antics!), it’s a chance to enjoy a walk beneath shady trees and work up an appetite. After all, there’s ginger to eat!

The Ginger Factory
Enjoy some augmented reality fun at The Ginger Factory.

If you are lucky enough to be here on a weekday, you’ll have the opportunity to see the factory in action. I’m visiting on a weekend, but there’s still plenty to do. We learn how ginger is grown and harvested, before being turned into the yummy products on offer in the Ginger Shop and online. You’ll also hear the story of how ginger found a home in Queensland. Prior to the Great Depression it was imported from China, but after a cut in supply, and with perfect growing conditions here (such as high rainfall, high humidity and rich volcanic soil), five farmers decided to invest in the future and plant a crop. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Ginger Factory
Image courtesy of The Ginger Factory

While all of this is interesting, it’s the tasting that gets my mouth watering, and I’ve got to say it’s quite an eye opener to find out all the different ways you can use ginger to enhance the flavour of food!

The Ginger Factory will also introduce you to the fascinating world of the busy bee and the critical role it plays in life on our planet. The live bee show is a chance to look inside the working life of a hive (behind glass of course!), watch a bee smoking demonstration, and learn the extraordinary way bees communicate by doing the ‘waggle’ dance. It’s a lot to take in, but I leave with a broader understanding of what goes into every jar of honey — and we get to taste five different varietals, each with its own distinct flavour.

Processing so much information might sound exhausting, but never fear. You can relax and relive the magic of the childhood tale of the gingerbread man on a Disney-style boat cruise around the world. The story comes to life through animated puppets and effects, as the gingerbread man tries to escape some hungry chefs. This may be the cheapest overseas adventure on offer!

The Ginger Factory
The Ginger Factory: Climb aboard the Overboard. Image: Vanessa O’Hanlon

We end the day with our feet up on board the Moreton historic train. Now 120 years old, this former sugar cane train has been restored and given a new lease on life. The train passes through cool, shaded tropical gardens, and by a replica of an old sugar cane farm. The journey ends back at Ginger Town, where we have time for a spot of shopping for our favourite ginger treats.

The Ginger Factory
Image courtesy of The Ginger Factory

All in all, I’ve been quite surprised at just how much there is to do at The Ginger Factory. With the Gruffalo in tow, it’s a monster day of family fun!

The Ginger Factory will be home to the Gruffalo Trail until September 2021.

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