Peru travel ideas: Explore Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca

Researching a visit to South America? Get inspired by this episode of the Tour the World travel TV series, as we join Evergreen Tours on their Best of South America tour through Peru. Highlights include a walking tour around the ancient city of Cusco and a visit to the Floating Islands of Uros on Lake Titicaca...

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Cusco Travel Guide, Peru – Tour the World TV

Looking for ideas for things to do in Cusco? In this episode of the Tour the World travel TV series, we join Evergreen Tours for part two of an extraordinary journey around Peru. We begin by exploring historic Cusco – the oldest city in South America, including a visit to the Museo El Pisco to celebrate Peru’s national drink.

Prepare yourself for the holiday of a lifetime in fabulous Peru.

If you’re planning a visit to the region, this episode of Tour the World with Evergreen Tours – hosted by The Big Bus tour and travel guide’s editor Adam Ford – is packed with Peru travel ideas and inspiration, including culture, food, history, shopping and relaxation must-sees and dos.

Whether you plan to travel with a tour group or independently, in this episode you’ll get information about historic Cusco, the magnificent Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca.

Peru travel ideas

Peru travel ideas: Cusco. Image: Bigstock

We begin this episode by exploring the former Incan capital Cusco, including the Plaza de Armas and the imposing Cusco Cathedral. Try Peru’s national drink – the Pisco Sour – at one of the many bars around town, and sample Cusco’s fabulous dining scene.

Peru travel ideas

Peru travel ideas: Cusco Cathedral. Image: Bigstock

Next we head out for a spot of retail therapy in the markets of the Sacred Valley, and finish up with a visit to stunning Lake Titicaca and the Floating Islands of Uros. These man-made reed islands in the centre of the lake have been home to the Uros people for centuries.

Peru travel ideas

Peru travel ideas: Floating Islands of Uros

If you have questions about any of the Peru travel ideas or experiences featured in this episode, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you have any Peru travel ideas to suggest? We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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