Culinary capital: A guide to dining out in Perth

Perth’s dynamic dining scene just goes from strength to strength. The Western Australia capital offers a diverse range of culinary experiences that will satisfy the most fervent of foodies. Tony Roma’s steak house in Perth brings us up to speed with what’s on offer across the city...

Ribs in Perth

Image courtesy of Tony Roma’s

The best steaks, seafood and ribs in Perth

Perth is one of the greatest cities in the world when it comes to dining out.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a family get-together in a steak house or a romantic candle-lit dinner for two in a five-star hotel bistro, there’s a culinary experience for everyone in this city.

Perth actually has more restaurants per capita than any of the other capital cities in Australia, so there’s plenty of choice. This guide is designed to shed some light on why Perth is such a great city for eating out and what you can expect from the diverse culinary scene.

Ribs in Perth

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European cuisine

Perth has a wide range of European restaurants to choose from: whether it is Spanish Paella full of beans and prawns that someone is hankering for or a French Coq Au Vin steeped in the finest red wine, nowhere in the city is lacking in European food.

The old English favourite fish and chips is a staple in Perth and the famous Australian pasties originated from England as well.

Steak and ribs in Perth

Perth is well-known for the quality beef that it serves. The steak served in this town is some of the finest in the world.

Why not try some delicious ribs in Perth? Smoked to perfection and dipped in barbecue sauce, ribs are great for keeping the hunger wolves from the door. Just be prepared for some messy fingers! Tony Roma’s steak house in Perth serves prime beef. The meat practically melts like butter when it is cut.

Ribs in Perth

Image courtesy of Tony Roma’s

Fish and seafood

With rich ocean and river life on its doorstep, Perth serves up the catch of the day for fish and seafood lovers.

There is nothing quite like the freshness of a pan-seared barracuda, served on a bed of potatoes with salad dressing, or shrimp which are fresh out of the ocean and have been drizzled with tangy lemon juice and spicy black pepper.

Ribs in Perth

Image courtesy of Tony Roma’s

World Food

Australia is home to a wide range of cultures and people from many different nations. Perth is no exception, so it couldn’t be easier to snack on authentic Indian samosas or devour a delicious Greek halloumi cheese salad here.

There is a whole culinary world just waiting to be discovered.


Whether its meat, fish or vegetables that are filling your plate, the perfect accompaniment is a glass of Australian wine. Western Australia is home to nine different wine growing regions, including Margaret River and Swan Valley.

Ribs in Perth

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Relaxing with a cold beer and some tapas is a great way to round off a hard day at work or to start a romantic evening. Perth has a strong brewing tradition and countless pubs and bars in the city serve local favourites such as Baskerville Feral White and Fremantle Little Creatures Pale Ale.

From the darkest stouts to the lightest lagers, there is a Perth beer for every occasion.

Ribs in Perth

Image: Bigstock

This guide is just a taste of what’s on the menu in Perth, so plan a visit and enjoy the fabulous cuisine on offer.

This post was provided by Tony Roma’s steak house and edited by The Big Bus tour and travel guide.

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