Review: Perth culture and coffee walking tour shows off the city’s creative and caffeine credentials inner banner

Review: Perth culture and coffee walking tour shows off the city’s creative and caffeine credentials

Perth is splashing colour and creative street art throughout the CBD. Add these new visuals to the city's already impressive heritage architecture and you're in for a treat as you explore with a switched-on local guide. Oh, and did we mention there's heavenly coffee on offer too? Review: Jennifer Morton
Perth culture and coffee walking tour
Perth culture and coffee walking tour
4.5 stars

Perth Culture and Coffee Walking Tour with Two Feet & a Heartbeat

Looking for the perfect introduction to the city of Perth? Look no further than this guided stroll with a knowledgeable local. While there’s an emphasis on street art (everything from tiny paste-ups to super-sized urban murals), you’ll also get to visit the CBD’s must-see sights and hear some of the colourful history of the Western Australia capital. Your guide will reveal one of their favourite caffeine haunts, and buy you a great coffee. Duration: 2 hours (approx.)

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Perth is getting quite a name for itself as a cultural and creative hub.

The city has expanded its public art offering by introducing more colourful murals and sculptures, and today I get to explore with Two Feet and a Heartbeat on their Perth culture and coffee walking tour. My guide’s name is Dave. He’s a true blue Perthite and very passionate about his city — which he loves to show off to visitors.

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Perth culture and coffee walking tour
Perth culture and coffee walking tour: Meet Dave. Image: Jennifer Morton

Dave’s also a trained horticulturist so the first pieces of art he points out are the painted planter boxes. This is just one of the many initiatives the City of Perth have taken to make the CBD shine. The planters and accompanying bench seats are styled in funky florals, aboriginal dot and modern art deco themes.

As we walk around the back of Town Hall, Dave gives a running commentary on the city’s history. At the State Buildings, we duck into the unassuming entrance of Como The Treasury (Perth’s only 6-star hotel) and through to a fancy sitting room. The public space is decked out in luxurious furnishings, greenery and various pieces of contemporary art. It would be the perfect place to curl up with a book and a coffee. Speaking of coffee, the smell of freshly ground beans is getting stronger as we amble down the hallway.

Perth culture and coffee walking tour
Perth culture and coffee walking tour: City of Perth Library. Image: Jennifer Morton

The State Buildings harbours high-end restaurants and cafes, retail shops, and health and wellness practitioners that go hand in hand with the elegant hotel. Dave buys me a takeaway coffee from popular Petition (included in the tour price) and we cruise down St Georges Terrace amongst the suits, tourists and council workers. A sidle up the exclusive King Street shopping strip brings us to the theatre district.

Perth culture and coffee walking tour
Perth culture and coffee walking tour: His Majesty’s Theatre. Image: Jennifer Morton

His Majesty’s Theatre is a grand old Edwardian building that just begs you to book a ticket to a show. ‘You just have to see the toilets’, Dave says as we bee-line for the front doors. Inside, it’s red, red and more red — and the facilities are no different with their old-fashioned mirrors and plush bench seating. On our way out, we ask the entrance clerks if we can take a peek at the main stage. Unfortunately, we’re not able to see the theatre bowl but nonetheless, I’m impressed with the place (and desperately want to see a musical!).

Perth culture and coffee walking tour
Image: Jennifer Morton

From there, we circle the school district and visit the original Hale Boys’ School site as Dave shares stories and history dating back to 1858. We weave our way through landscaped parks, hidden gardens, courtyards and corridors — marvelling at the street art-scapes along the way — before emerging at Perth’s brand new meeting place: Yagan Square. This public space at the corner of Wellington and William Streets opened in March 2018, and also acts as a pedestrian through-way to Northbridge.

Perth culture and coffee walking tour
Perth culture and coffee walking tour: Explore Yagan Square. Image: Jennifer Morton

Yagan Square, which is named after the famous Noongar leader and resistance fighter who took on European settlers back in the days of the Swan River Colony, could easily become Perth’s version of Times Square in New York. It even has an epic digital screen for showing local artworks, advertisements and community messages.

No matter which corner of Perth’s CBD you may find yourself in, you’re bound to spy colourful and interesting art in many forms. The beauty of this Perth culture and coffee walking tour is that you’ll get to see the art, and learn some of the city’s history along the way. Not only that, but you’ll get to hang out with a friendly local who’ll treat you to a mighty fine cup of joe.

Jennifer travelled as a guest of Two Feet & a Heartbeat.

Jennifer Morton

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