Review: Melbourne brewery tours explore the city’s craft beer scene

Melbourne's craft brewing scene is flourishing, and this tour will take you on an evening quest in search of the city's perfect craft beer. The tour includes visits to three boutique brew houses and a gourmet pizza supper. Review: Chris Bright

Melbourne brewery tours

Melbourne brewery tours

4.5 stars

Melbourne brewery tours with Aussie Brewery Tours

These small group Melbourne brewery tours will introduce you to some of the best inner-city breweries and craft beer venues. You’ll get to try chocolate, vanilla, coffee, toffee and bacon flavoured beer, refreshing summer ales, crisp sessionable lagers, fruit-infused barrel aged ales, and experimental single batch brews. The evening ends with a wood-fired pizza supper. Duration: 4 hours (approx.)

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I honestly thought that I couldn’t love beer any more than I already did.

However, after spending a night with Aussie Brewery Tours on their new-look Urban Beer Odyssey Night Tour of Melbourne, I now understand and appreciate the thought processes and labour involved in the creation of every magical drop.

Craft beer has become a hot topic for dinner conversation of late, with boutique breweries popping up all over Melbourne, each with its own subtle ingredients and curious methods for creating something truly unique. These Melbourne brewery tours provide an amazing introduction to this world of micro brewing, and are a step beyond your typical pub crawl – allowing you to sample as many beers as you like while actually learning something along the way.

Federation Square is the start and end point for the ABT Night Session tour – a central location for both visitors and residents of Melbourne that makes getting home on public transport a breeze if you overdo it on the taste testing. There’s a very short safety spiel from our tour guide Scott to kick things off (which could easily be summarised as ‘Drink as much as you want, just don’t be an idiot’) and we’re off at 5:50pm on the dot.

Melbourne brewery tours

Melbourne brewery tours. Image: Chris Bright

Scott is a fantastic guide. He knows as much about the city of Melbourne as he does about beer, which is an awful lot. Regardless of the traffic, the drives between breweries seem to fly by as he takes you through the history of beer in Australia and how it has influenced everything from politics to the Collingwood Football Club.

The first leg of the tour takes us over the Westgate Bridge to Two Birds Brewing in Spotswood, aptly named after the two founders Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen. Their approach to beer making is simple: produce products that are flavoursome and interesting to drink, but always remain balanced and clean. And that’s exactly what they deliver.

Melbourne brewery tours

Melbourne brewery tours: Two Birds Brewing. Image courtesy of Visit Victoria

After a quick run-through of their brewing process, delivered with much enthusiasm by Jayne’s husband Louis, we are treated to generous samples of six different brews including their four signature batches: Golden Ale, Sunset Ale, Bantam IPA and my personal favourite for the night, Taco Beer.

We’re also lucky enough to get a small nip of their current experimental recipes, the Hop Harvest and something called Rhubarb Saison, which was conceptualised as part of an Iron Chef-style challenge during Good Beer Week. Each batch is flavoured with over 100kg of crushed rhubarb and the sweet taste is surprisingly good.

Apart from taking the edge off Melbourne’s winter weather, our first round of drinks also helps the group bond over discussion of what they do and don’t like. The best thing about a tour like this is that everyone on the bus is equally enthusiastic about their beer, and it doesn’t take long for us all to feel comfortable and start sharing some laughs.

Melbourne brewery tours

Melbourne brewery tours: Temple Brewing Company. Image: Chris Bright

Next stop on these Melbourne brewery tours is the Temple Brewing Company at the top of Lygon Street in Brunswick East. On arrival we each receive a large tasting board of six of their finest brews. Starting with the famous Bicycle Beer, we slowly work our way through an IPA, stout, rye beer, pilsner and finally the Hazy Dayz hefeweizen.

If that isn’t enough, we’re also treated to some limited batches, including a thick New World Order stout, a Belgian-style wheat beer with lemon verbena and pink peppercorn, and a special Old Ivanhoe Centenary Golden Ale, which was crafted exclusively for the Ivanhoe Grammar alumni.

Our third and final stop is the Moon Dog Craft Brewery in Abbotsford (right next door to the massive Carlton & United Brewing facility), and it’s an absolute highlight of these Melbourne brewery tours.

Tucked away in a small industrial alley, Moon Dog is a beer-lovers’ paradise – complete with footy on a large screen, recycled kegs used for decoration, comfy second-hand couches and an old caravan parked outside serving oven-baked pizzas.

Melbourne brewery tours

Melbourne brewery tours: Moon Dog Craft Brewery. Image: Chris Bright

A pizza is included in the cost of the tour, which is the perfect fuel for drinking more beer. The pizzas themselves are some of the best around, with a choice of toppings and regular specials.

The group is presented with ten full jugs of glorious amber nectar, each containing one of the weird and wonderful flavours Moon Dog has become famous for. The current batches on tap include a 12% Bulgarian-American India Brown, something called Spotted Dick that tasted like caramel ice-cream, an Imperial Redskin Stout (named after the candy that gives it flavour) and Black Lung V, which honestly tastes like liquid cigarettes (in a good way).

Moon Dog is a top spot to end the night, with everyone in the group either strongly liking or disliking the distinctive brews on offer.

You don’t have to be a connoisseur of the coldie to enjoy these Melbourne brewery tours. You just need to appreciate good beer. And whether you live in Melbourne or you’re just visiting, there’s no better way to explore the city by night and seek out some of our hidden brewing gems.

Chris travelled as a guest of Aussie Brewery Tours.

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  1. Mike Heine says:

    Just read this. I was on the tour that night. This story brought back great memories. Such a fantastic night. I’m definitely doing the tour again when I cross the ditch next!

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