The Big Bus tour and travel guide shares ideas on top tour and travel destinations, and editor Adam Ford contributes to several media outlets.

Here’s a selection of published work, TV appearances and radio interviews:

Print & Online

Travel Associates: Ten unexpected travel experiences in Darwin

Queensland blog: On yer bike: The best cycling routes on the Sunshine Coast

Flight Centre: Magic mornings: Angkor and Halong Bay

Travel Associates: Shopping in Hawaii: A guide to the world’s best retail therapy

Escape: The Rockies: Bask in Canada’s majesty

Travel Associates: Ten moments not to miss in Hobart

Traveltalk: Five new dining spots you have to try in Canberra

Escape: See the world’s largest waterfall: Victoria Falls

CIM Magazine: Alice Springs: An unconventional approach

TV & Radio

Queenstown. Image courtesy of Oaks Shores

Sky News Business Class: Top places to eat and stay in Queenstown

While it’s renowned as New Zealand’s ski and adventure capital, Queenstown offers an effortless charm and understated sophistication that will appeal to just about anyone. From the stunning natural setting to the chalet-style architecture, cosmopolitan food and wine scene and a healthy serving of cultural attractions, there really is something for everyone here. Two million visitors a year can’t be wrong.

Image courtesy of Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Sky News Business Class: Great places to eat in London

It was really only a matter of time before London assumed its place at the top of the world’s dining scene. The only real mystery is why it took so long. Bemoaned for decades for its stodgy fare, the last few years have seen a complete transformation in the capital, and today you’ll find no end of eateries to rival the best anywhere. Adam Ford at The Big Bus tour and travel guide checks in with a list of must-try places to eat…


Talking Lifestyle: When in Rome…

A Roman holiday can be anything you want it to be. From fascinating antiquity to mind-blowing art and culture, fine food and the best opportunities for people watching anywhere in the world, this city has it all – and is the place to live la dolce vita. A global city steeped in history and instantly recognisable by its ornate landmarks and ubiquitous culture, it’s no wonder that Rome has long been a drawcard for travellers from all walks of life. Adam Ford from tells us more…


RPPFM Melbourne: Why Aussies can’t get enough of European River Cruising

European river cruising has taken the Australian travel market by storm and with good reason. Many Aussie baby boomers are pushing the boat out on this modern-day Grand Tour of Europe, joining all-inclusive itineraries along the gentle waterways of what is still very much old-world Europe. Adam Ford recently hitched a ride with Evergreen Tours along the Danube from Passau to Vienna, and he shares some of the highlights of this amazing travel experience…


Talking Lifestyle: Five good reasons to visit Cambodia

Cambodia’s multitude of ancient temples, including world-famous Angkor Wat, are only the beginning of an adventure in this enchanted kingdom. The country is layered with history. Nestled between the popular tourist hotspots of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia, Cambodia has distilled many of the best elements of each and provides a lifetime’s worth of intriguing travel experiences, not all of them happy ones. Adam Ford from tells us more…


Talking Lifestyle: Planning your visit to Graceland

2017 will see the Elvis Live Tour come to Australia – a tribute to the King direct from Graceland that will see Elvis performing on screen accompanied by a live 40-piece orchestra. This year is the 30th anniversary of Presley’s death, and it seems his popularity never waivers – if visitor numbers to Graceland are anything to go by. Around 600,000 make the pilgrimage every year. Adam Ford from tells us what you can expect during a visit to the home…

Alice Springs

Sky News Business Class: Top things to do in Alice Springs

Alice Springs will forever occupy a special place in the hearts of all who visit. It may not look like much at first glance, but be warned, this town is addictive and you’re likely to hear tales from ‘locals’ time and time again of how they arrived here on holiday and never left. Immortalised in Nevil Shute’s novel ‘A Town Like Alice’ and the cult Aussie film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, the unofficial capital and spiritual heart of the Red Centre will delight, challenge and amaze you…


7HOFM Hobart: Travel adventures you need to book early for 2017

Everyone has a bucket list of travel experiences they would love to tick off, but many of them must be booked well in advance due to popular demand. Thinking of catching the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti? Or perhaps sailing Galapagos or tackling the Inca Trail? If so, here are some of the world’s most amazing travel experiences that need to be booked several months in advance due to popular demand…


Sky News Business Class: Top things to do in Florence

Enchanting the world’s travelers, artists and romantics for centuries, the small city of Florence has a big reputation to live up to. But it does so with ease through its inspiring architecture, priceless artworks, and uniquely Tuscan version of ‘la dolce vita’. You could literally spend weeks here but if you only have a few days in the Tuscan capital here are some ideas…


Sky News Business Class: Top things to do in Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city and economic powerhouse. It’s a brash, modern and supremely confident city. Here by Lake Ontario, Canadians are busy taking care of business. The majestic mountains and winding rivers of the Rockies in the West give way to sixteen lane freeways and suits with shiny shoes and briefcases here in the East. This is a Canadian destination for city slickers – and a chance to explore Canada’s urban heart…


Talking Lifestyle: Discovering London

Adam Ford is a travel writer from The Big Bus tour and travel guide. He joined Clinton Maynard, Pamela Wright and Nicola Carrington to talk about travelling in London. Wrapping visitors in an intoxicating embrace of culture, cuisine, history and art, London has never diminished in its capacity as one of the most iconic ‘rite of passage’ destinations for Aussie travellers…


Talking Lifestyle: Why it’s never been easier to get to Dubai

Once a sleepy fishing village, Dubai has risen like a Phoenix from the desert sands. More liberal than its neighbours and willing to blend time-old traditions with free market capitalism, the city entices visitors with promises of desert adventure, endless opulent options for relaxation and incredible shopping. With the alignment of Qantas and Emirates airlines, Aussies can now fly non stop to Dubai from most capital cities – making it perfect for a stopover en route to Europe or a holiday in its own right…

New York

Talking Lifestyle: 5-star New York on a 3-star budget

Chances are the flailing Aussie dollar has put some serious downward fiscal pressure on your holiday plans, particularly for travel to the USA. The falling Aussie dollar has hit travellers to the USA hard – with travel to cities like New York around a third more expensive than this time last year. Which is even trickier if you want to enjoy a few of the finer things in life during your stay. But there are ways to live it up for less in the Big Apple…


Sky News Business Class: Top things to do in York

A stroll along the Shambles, Stonegate or High Petergate in York, Northern England, is quite probably the closest any of us is going to get to time travel. York will hold you spellbound with its historic city centre, one of the finest – if not the finest – in the country, and within which you’ll find numerous amazing ways to spend your time, including a visit to one of the world’s finest examples of Gothic architecture – York Minster Cathedral…

Image courtesy of Crocosaurus Cove

Talking Lifestyle: Never smile at a crocodile

Darwin is a travel destination unlike any other in Oz. This is a city that still has a frontier-like feel and you almost feel like you could be on the set of Crocodile Dundee. Laconic, tanned Aussie characters in Akubras abound, and the reality is you’re actually never far from a crocodile, even in the heart of the city centre…

Additional images: Bigstock/Photodune