Five top things to do in Vietnam

Some destinations manage to effortlessly capture your heart and Vietnam is without doubt one of them. This enigmatic country combines history, culture and an amazing culinary scene into one mind-blowing travel package. Adam Ford checks in five top must-sees and dos...

Five top things to do in Vietnam

Five top things to do in Vietnam

Five top things to do in Vietnam

Fabulous Vietnam – we’re yet to come across a traveller that doesn’t sing the praises of this incredible destination.

The food is always high on the list of highlights but it doesn’t stop there. Cultural and historical experiences abound in Vietnam. We know it’s a cliche, but there truly is something for everyone here.

Here’s a guide to five top things to do in Vietnam.

Explore Hanoi’s Old Quarter

There are lots of reasons why Hanoi should be on any list of the top things to do in Vietnam, but for us it’s the fabulous Old Quarter and its intoxicating fusion of seemingly complete chaos and French-inspired chic.

There’s no doubt Vietnam has an amazing energy wherever you go, but it’s almost palpable in the capital. But there is method to the madness; half the fun is working out what it is.

Five top things to do in Vietnam

Five top things to do in Vietnam: Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Image courtesy of Hanoi Hideaway

Get lost in Hoi An

You’ll fall head over heels in love with lovely Hoi An in central Vietnam. There are so many delightful diversions on offer here, and if you only have a day or two make sure you put aside some time just to wander the cobbled streets or park yourself at a street café with a deliciously sweet Vietnamese coffee to watch the world go by.

Sister city Hue is a leisurely three-hour drive north, and is also well worth a visit.

Five top things to do in Vietnam:

Five top things to do in Vietnam: Hoi An. Image: Bigstock

Cruise Halong Bay

No visit to this amazing country would be complete without a visit to Halong Bay in the north to cruise the ethereal emerald waters beneath the scattered, soaring age-old limestone monoliths.

Take the option to stay a night on the bay if you can. Heck, push the boat out and stay two!

Five top things to do in Vietnam

Five top things to do in Vietnam: Halong Bay. Image: Photodune

Pay your respects at the War Remnants Museum

As our collective memory of the Vietnam War grows dim and the conflict passes into history, the War Remnants Museum in Saigon, Vietnam’s biggest city, is a shocking, confronting and necessary reminder of the realities of war. You must see this.

Five top things to do in Vietnam

Five top things to do in Vietnam: War Remnants Museum. Image: Bigstock

Enjoy a bowl of pho

Pho is so much more than a bowl of noodles in Vietnam. It’s a way of life; some might even say a state of mind.

Pho is central to Vietnamese culture and incredibly versatile (it’s eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner). Tucking into this simple chicken or beef noodle broth infused with fresh herbs and lime is a wonderfully simple way to connect with the real Vietnam – not always easy for us tourists.

Five top things to do in Vietnam

Five top things to do in Vietnam: Pho. Image: Photodune

Don’t be afraid to try Pho at a local noodle house, where you’ll invariably be seated at a stainless steel communal table with any number of local diners. Exchange a wink and a smile with your neighbour, then take up your chopsticks and dig in.

Adam travelled as a guest of Wendy Wu Tours and Vietnam Airlines.

Do you have anything to add to our list of top things to do in Vietnam? We would love to hear from you. Please leave us a comment.

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