Europe river cruising travel ideas: Explore Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava

Researching a Europe river cruise? Get inspired by this episode of the Tour the World travel TV series, as we join Evergreen Tours on a fabulous cruise down the Danube River. Highlights include glittering Vienna, the picturesque Wachau Valley, and Hungary's captivating capital — Budapest...

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Europe River Cruising Travel Guide – Tour the World TV

Thinking about European river cruising? In this episode of the Tour the World travel TV series, we join Evergreen Tours on a deluxe river cruise down one of Europe’s most picturesque waterways – the Danube River. Visit stunning Melk Abbey, fabulous Vienna and another of Europe’s finest old-world cities – Budapest.

Cruising down the majestic waterways of Europe is an incredible way to travel.

If you’re planning to take a Europe river cruise, this episode of Tour the World with Evergreen Tours — hosted by The Big Bus tour and travel guide’s editor Adam Ford — is packed with European river cruising travel ideas and inspiration — including culture, dining, history, shopping and relaxation must-sees and dos.

In this episode you’ll learn more about life on board a Europe river cruise and some of the amazing destinations you’re likely to visit — including the fabulous Austrian capital Vienna, historic Melk Abbey, the quaint town of Durstein in the Wachau Valley, and bustling Bratislava — the capital of Slovakia.

Europe river cruising travel ideas

Cruise the old-world waterways of Europe. Image: Evergreen Tours

A river cruise is without doubt the most relaxing ways to see the best of Europe. This is the old-world Europe that most of us yearn to experience, with hilltop castles and beautifully preserved medieval towns. Unlike a coach tour, you only have to unpack once to see it all!

Europe river cruising travel ideas

Europe river cruising travel ideas: Vienna

One of the main highlights of any Europe river cruise on the Danube will be a visit to Vienna. This cultured city has so much to offer visitors, so spend your time here wisely. There are many museums and galleries to choose from, along with traditional coffee houses to try. A Mozart recital is an absolute must!

A visit to the regal Hungarian city of Budapest is another highlight that demands careful planning. As the gateway between Western and Eastern Europe for many centuries, Budapest is one of the continent’s most intriguing destinations — and again, there’s a lot to see!

Europe river cruising travel ideas

Europe river cruising travel ideas: Budapest. Image: Bigstock

If you have questions about any of the Europe river cruising travel ideas or experiences featured in this episode, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you have any Europe river cruising travel ideas to suggest? We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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