Review: Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas show you the best of a pristine wilderness

In a landscape like the Daintree where every living creature is hidden, potentially harmful or a combination of both, you need the services of a local guide who really knows their stuff. Travel with the experts on this fabulous day tour and enjoy every minute of your time in one of the world's most famous wilderness regions. Review: Chris Bright

Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas

Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas. Image: Chris Bright

5 stars

Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas with Tony's Tropical Tours

These small group Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas include a visit to the ‘must do’ Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation, a Daintree River cruise and plenty of access to the stunning rainforest and its wildlife. A delicious BBQ lunch of steak and seafood is also included. Duration: 9 hours (approx.)

7:20am might seem like an early start when you’re on holiday, but there’s so much to see on these Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas with Tony’s Tropical Tours that it’s a necessity.

However, we’ve been told we’ll be covering a lot of ground between the various destinations we’re visiting, so there should be plenty of time for some catch-up shut-eye along the way!

We’re picked up from our Port Douglas hotel by our awesome guide Rob. He’s been guiding these Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas for more than 12 years, and having ticked the box that says ‘you need to live somewhere for more than 25 year to consider yourself a local’, Rob knows more about the wildlife up in Far North Queensland than anyone else I’ve encountered on our trip — plus more corny jokes than you can poke a stick at!

Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas

Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas. Image courtesy of Tony’s Tropical Tours

Our first stop is the tranquil Mossman Gorge, located in the southern part of the Daintree National Park. The best thing about this place is that it’s continually changing, so exploring it on a bright and sunny day is a completely different experience to visiting during the wet season.

As Rob mentions early on, ‘every visit to this place is different, which is what makes my job so unique’. He points out some interesting facts about various plants of the forest, including the more dangerous specimens we should probably avoid. The wait-a-while plant in particular is like nature’s barbwire, and the stinging tree cuts the skin like shards of glass, leaving a painful sting that literally lasts for months. Understandably we’re quite happy to follow Rob’s advice.

Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas

Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas. Image: Chris Bright

We also meet some of the Gorge’s inhabitants, such as the tree-clinging dragon (which requires some serious ‘Where’s Wally’ style searching), giant blue-winged butterflies, turtles and even a usually extremely shy platypus.

Next up is a cruise on the wonderful Daintree River. Here we’re introduced to our river guide Bruce as we board his boat and Rob departs in the bus to meet us on the other side.

Bruce reminds me of Mick Dundee, as he calmly points out some of the monster saltwater crocs that live in the waterway. He really impresses everyone by somehow spotting a 10-inch baby croc from the other side of the river, which most of us couldn’t even see within a few metres!

Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas

Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas. Image: Chris Bright

Back on the bus and we make our way along the spectacular winding roads to Noah Valley, the largest private world heritage rainforest reserve in North Queensland. Tony’s Tropical Tours is one of the few commercial groups allowed to walk the trails in this area, which offer access to this largely undisturbed part of the forest.

We stop again just down the road for a BBQ lunch break of steak and sausages, fresh fruit and home-made damper; an iconic meal that only adds to this great Australian experience. If conditions permit, tour-goers are able to enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal clear rainforest stream, so don’t forget your bathers!

After lunch we hit the road again for Cape Tribulation — the only place on the planet where two UNESCO World Heritage-listed regions meet; the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. The views are stunning. It’s one of the absolute highlights of these Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas.

Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas

Daintree Rainforest tours from Port Douglas. Image: Chris Bright

On the way home we make a stop at the Daintree Ice Cream Company. The ice cream is made from natural ingredients, and the ice creamery produces flavours based on whatever is in season at the time. We get to sample four flavours: mango, banana, macadamia and black sapote (more commonly known as ‘chocolate pudding fruit’!).

It’s a sweet end to our day in one of Australia’s most fascinating natural landscapes.

Chris travelled as a guest of Tony’s Tropical Tours.

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