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Our contributors are a mix of professional travel writers, travel bloggers and everyday travellers who simply want to share their experiences on the road.

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Adam Ford

Adam Ford is editor of The Big Bus tour and travel guide and a travel TV presenter, writer, blogger and photographer. Adam has travelled extensively through Australia, Europe, Asia, North America, parts of South America, Africa and the Middle East. He worked as a travel consultant for a number of years with Flight Centre before taking up the opportunity to travel the world himself as host of the Tour the World travel TV series on Network Ten. Adam also appears regularly as a travel commentator on Sky News Business Class and Talking Lifestyle. He loves to experience everything a new destination has to offer and is equally at home in a five-star Palazzo in Pisa or a home-stay in Hoi An.


Vanessa O’Hanlon

Vanessa O’Hanlon is an Australian television news presenter with the Nine Network and an avid traveller. Her travels began with a flight to Egypt, a visit to the pyramids and a camel ride and instantly she knew there was no turning back. Since then Vanessa’s backpack has seen a thing or two, from discovering relatively untouched Bhutan to bracing the cold winds on the peaks of Mt Kilimanjaro. Her travel tales span nearly 50 countries. Combining a love of writing, photography and exploring the unknown, Vanessa is pleased to share her adventures with The Big Bus tour and travel guide readers.


Ruby Boukabou

Ruby Boukabou is a travel, culture and food reporter based between Europe and Australia. Ruby has written for The Age, The Australian, Qantas, Issimo, The Diplomat, Paris Voice and Inside Film. She has also produced culture and travel stories for the ABC, SBS and Screen Australia. When Ruby’s not writing, she’s probably tap dancing – and is a founding member of the Paris Tap Crew – which produces the monthly Paris Tap Jam. She’s also a member of jazz/world music group Le Shuffle Project – which records and performs in Paris and beyond.


Jade Harrison

Jade Harrison is a presenter on the Tour the World travel series on Network Ten and a freelance travel writer, and has travelled to New Zealand, Hawaii, Canada, USA, Mexico, the UK, Europe, Thailand, Brazil, India and Nepal – including a trek to Annapurna Base Camp! Jade loves all aspects of travelling and adventure, from roughing it in the Himalayas, to backpacking through Europe, to enjoying some five-star luxury along the way. She loves to indulge in the culture and landscapes of new destinations and enjoys sharing that experience with readers.

Samantha Wasson

Samantha Wasson

Samantha Wasson is a freelance writer and former educator who lives in Sydney but whose heart remains in Vietnam, where she lived for three years. She has travelled extensively in Asia, Europe and the United States, with a brief sojourn in Africa. Highlights from Samantha’s international escapades include: studying German in Freiburg, volunteering with an elephant rehabilitation project outside Chiang Mai and travelling by motorbike through the Mekong Delta. Lowlights include: ‘climbing’ Mount Kinabalu, nearly dying on the Great Barrier Reef and being ripped off in Beijing. She has worked for MSN/Officeworks, Swinburne University, Deakin Business School, Aussie Home Loans, Seek, TAFE Queensland, ARI Registry Services, SocietyOne, Acquire, School Places, Ivanhoe Grammar, Australian Teacher Magazine, Lead Generation and 2SER. A lover of literature and travel, Samantha subscribes to Augustine of Hippo’s observation that ‘the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page’.


Joanne Karcz

Joanne Karcz published a blog when she walked the Camino de Santiago some years ago and has been writing about her travels ever since. She is also an aspiring travel photographer and takes her camera wherever she goes. Joanne loves discovering new things to see and do in her own Sydney backyard, and blogs regularly about the city’s suburbs. She has travelled through Europe and South America and taken a group of friends on the trip of a lifetime to South Africa, Botswana and Zambia. Her visits to Cuba and India were bucket list items, but she still has a few destinations to tick off!


Chris Bright

Chris Bright is a freelance writer based in Melbourne with a passion for travel, food, music and film. He’s travelled to South-East Asia, India, Japan, parts of Europe and most of North America – the most memorable of which was hiring a 7-foot RV and driving from Miami to LA with a bunch of close mates. Chris is willing to try anything once, whether it’s leaping from great heights or eating things that don’t look the least bit appetising. When it comes to travel, he loves nothing more than meeting new people and sharing a laugh over their local drink of choice.


Barry Johnson

Barry Johnson is a freelance writer living in Sydney, but with a trail of Aussie souvenirs scattered throughout previous homes in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. Barry believes travelling is an adventure where the highlights push you onto the next trip and the lowlights can be laughed at with hindsight. Without a passport, he’d have missed getting lost in the Californian forest a week after the Blair Witch Project went viral, building a giant Buddha on a Cambodian mountain, camel racing in an Egyptian desert and teaching English to Peruvian children as they taught him Quechua, the language of the Incas.


Stephen Hodges

Stephen Hodges was a teacher and a social worker before he left Australia for a three-year overseas adventure. While travelling he worked as a grouse beater in Scotland, a chicken farmer on a Kibbutz in Israel and a camp counsellor in France. On his return to Melbourne, Stephen began working in the travel industry and set up a business, which he ran for six years. He still has a passion for travel and believes life is all about experiences – and that you can find them in the most unlikely places, if you look hard enough.


Julietta Henderson

Julietta Henderson is a travel and feature writer. Originally planning to visit London for six months, she ended up staying 10 years and now divides her time between her home in Australia and several months of the year in the UK, Italy and France. She has travelled extensively through Europe, North America, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia and Russia, and believes the keys to a great travel experience are an open heart, an open mind and an open-ended ticket. Apart from travel, Julietta writes on subjects as diverse as photography, business, and well-being, and is halfway through her first novel. An avid lover of cold weather, her master travel plan of never having to sweat again has somehow slipped out of synch and she’s currently on her third consecutive year of non-stop summer.


Cindy Bingley-Pullin

Cindy Bingley-Pullin considers herself a writer, wanderluster, corporate bee and happy homemaker. In between analysing spreadsheets in the office and washing cot sheets at home, she pursues her combined passions of travel and freelance writing. Her work appears in publications such as Virgin Australia’s Voyeur, International Traveller and Fitness First magazines, and the Sydney Morning Herald. To date, Cindy’s travels have taken her everywhere from the ancient Angkor Wat temples at dawn to the soaring skyscrapers of NYC at dusk, and from sleeping under the stars in central-west NSW to dining at Michelin-starred restaurants in the south of France. She has volunteered at an orphanage in India, bathed elephants in the river in remote northern Thailand, waved glow sticks at an underground rave in San Francisco and cautiously navigated an active volcano in Hawaii.


Louise Reynolds

Louise Reynolds made up her mind at the age of about four that she would one day travel the world – and has so far visited around 30 countries across five continents and the Pacific. A hopeless Francophile, Louise has a particular love for France, its language and pretty much all things French. Louise’s favourite way to explore the world is on foot and her boots have taken her walking on famous trails in Europe, South America and New Zealand. Louise also has a passion for her home state and loves exploring regional Victoria. While travelling she’s usually found with a pile of books and at least one teddy bear in tow. She also practices the little-known sport of extreme knitting in far off places.


Emily McAuliffe

Emily McAuliffe is an Australian travel writer and photographer based in Portugal. Her work has featured in national publications such as the Qantas, Jetstar and Tigerair inflight magazines, Get Up & Go and Women’s Fitness. Subscribe to Emily’s blog for stories and images that will make you want to visit Portugal tomorrow!


Neil Brook

As a travel blogger and photographer, Neil Brook travels the world looking to meet interesting people, taste great food and find different angles from which to cover his adventures. He is privileged to have lived in Australia, the Philippines, Japan, Singapore and London. Currently living in Bangkok, Neil splits his time between Thailand and London. Neil would be in heaven joining the Bizarre Foods team, having tried horse meat tartare in Tokyo, lobster sashimi in Manila and the perfect ceviche in Havana. More a traveller than a tourist, he prefers to mix it with the locals, learn their history and culture and walk the back streets to uncover hidden gems.


Roslyn Jolly

Roslyn Jolly is a freelance travel writer whose work has appeared in Luxury Travel, Get Up & Go, The Sunday Telegraph (Escape) and The Australian (Travel & Indulgence). In her former career as an English Literature academic, she studied and taught the work of great travel writers, such as Henry James, Herman Melville and Robert Louis Stevenson, and became fascinated by the history of travel and tourism. Two years at school in Wales and three years at university in England allowed her to travel extensively in Europe and North America, which she continues to do. On a trip to Borneo in 2015, Roslyn’s eyes were opened to the wonders of Asia. Her most amazing travel experience so far was looking into the eyes of a Bornean gibbon spotted in the rainforest canopy in Brunei. Dream destinations for the future include Antarctica, Mongolia, Bhutan, Namibia, Iceland and Greece – and seeing more of Australia’s north and west.


Francesca Muir

Sydney-based journalist Francesca Muir fell into photography while living on the island of Crete in the late 1980s. Living with that Greek blue is a writer and photographer’s dream, so it came naturally to combine the two. Francesca has written and photographed for Living Postcards, Crete Travel, Politismosmuseum, Stigmez, Athens News, TV Soap, Soap World, Gourmet Traveller, Vogue Entertaining, Vogue Living, ITA, Way to Go, Travel Abroad, Sun-Herald & Sunday Age magazines. She lives to breathe Mediterranean air, peppered with wild thyme and oregano, swim in azure seas and bathe in that Greek light which has mesmerised so many for so long.


Patricia Maunder

Patricia Maunder has been a media professional for 20+ years, working in print, online and radio for outlets such as The Age, Montreal Gazette and ABC. Currently based in Melbourne, she considers Montreal her ‘other’ hometown after living there from 2012 to 2016. Patricia has travelled in every continent except the one that’s beckoned since she was a child – Antarctica. A travel writer as well as an arts journalist, she enjoys culturally themed journeys such as Barcelona’s Art Nouveau architecture and Jordan’s ancient ruins, as well as nature-based adventures, from polar bear spotting in northern Canada to hiking Peru’s Inca Trail. Patricia loves action-packed itineraries, but is also right at home relaxing over cocktails in cool bars and afternoon tea at grand hotels.


Susan Hinchey

Susan Hinchey is a Sydney-based freelance travel writer who, even as a teenager growing up in country NSW, knew she wanted to see the world. A couple of years out of high school Susan embarked on an 8-week Grand European Contiki tour, which took her through Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Croatia, Switzerland and Germany. She’s been hooked on travel ever since. Susan has visited Alaska, Canada, Thailand, Vanuatu, Fiji, Greece, parts of North America, and Britain several times. Her go-to get-away is a camping trip anywhere along the Australian coast. Her favourite travel moments include sailing the Mediterranean, driving over the Swiss alps from Interlaken to Lake Como and Venice, and visiting Denali National Park in Alaska. She loves wildlife, getting off the beaten track, exploring small country towns and hearing the stories of the people she meets along the way.


Monica McInnes

Monica McInnes is a keen traveller and is always on the lookout for her next big adventure – even before the current one has concluded! Having recently returned to Darwin after three months making memories with her young family on a road trip through central Australia, the Kimberley, Pilbara and Coral Coast, Monica is convinced Australia is the most beautiful country on earth. From its crisp white sand beaches, sapphire sparkling waters, rugged red mountain ranges and lush green rainforests, to dusty outback towns and skyscraper metropoles, there’s something that will make you pinch yourself at every twist and turn. When Monica isn’t on the road, she is happily chasing after her two rowdy boys or blogging about her travel exploits at Jiggety Jog.


Elle Vidovich

Elle Vidovich is a freelance writer based in Melbourne with a love for travel, food and architecture. She has travelled to over 50 countries across Asia, Africa and Europe, eating the local food, drinking the house-made wine and generally trying to assimilate to the local culture. Elle believes that travel can change a person. It can open their eyes to different cultures, make them thankful for what they have, or inspire them to make a difference.

Jennifer Johnston

Jennifer Johnston is a Brisbane-based freelance writer and blogger inspired by travel, people, health and wellbeing. She juggles pursuing her passion for writing with raising three rowdy young men, a dog and a couple of goldfish. Jennifer has lived in London, and Amherst in Massachusetts, USA. She has explored much of the United Kingdom and Europe, the United States (including Hawaii), Canada, New Zealand, Egypt, Israel, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Fiji and Japan. When Jennifer’s not writing, you may find her hiking in some scenic part of the world or at the beach. She’s not the type to sit still – preferring adventure over relaxation and conversation over contemplation.

Nannette Holliday

Nannette Holliday was obviously born to travel – Holliday is her real name. A former TV and radio presenter, Nannette’s globetrotting has earned her the nickname ‘International Woman of Mystery’ amongst friends and acquaintances, while also providing a rich library of experiences to draw on creatively. Many are woven into her first novel: The Sting of Fate – Antoinette’s love story, and Nannette is currently working on the sequel. When she’s not drafting chapters for herself, Nannette writes for a variety of magazines, and even ghostwrites books for other people. It all helps keep her in the manner she has become accustomed to — indulging in world travel, food and wine!