Review: Brisbane desserts walking tour reveals sweet delights around South Bank

Every so often an invitation to review a walking tour arrives in the mail that proves inordinately popular with our writers. So it was with this fabulous food safari around Brisbane's South Bank, which takes in the precinct's best dessert bars. Review: Marianne Diaz

Brisbane desserts walking tour of South Bank

Image courtesy of Cowch Dessert Cocktail Bar

5 stars

Brisbane desserts walking tour of South Bank with Foodi

This Brisbane desserts walking tour of South Bank will introduce you to the amazing array of dessert bars located in the picturesque riverside precinct. Sample several unique and delicious desserts, and talk to those that create these sweet treats. Each venue has something very different to offer. Duration: 2.5 hours (approx.)

Unfortunately in life there are moments, events and experiences that must be endured under duress for the greater good.

Today I am embarking on one such experience in Brisbane, and as much as I don’t want to do it, I feel I must sacrifice my own comfort and take one for the team. Yep. Today I will suffer through a Brisbane desserts walking tour of South Bank with Foodi.

We meet our guide Timothy (who is in training and about to lead his very first tour) in the heart of the South Bank riverside entertainment precinct. This Brisbane desserts walking tour of South Bank features small, intimate group sizes, and by the time the tour begins we’re all relaxed and chatting away – ready to take on what is described by one of our group as Foodi’s ‘tour with the least walking and the highest calories’. This witty observation is met with raucous laughter. It sounds good to me!

Brisbane desserts walking tour of South Bank

Brisbane’s South Bank. Image: Bigstock

After Timothy gives us a brief history of dessert in Australia, we head for the Beach House Health Bar, which offers a selection of treats made from raw ingredients. They also cater for food intolerances, such as gluten and lactose. This is the ideal place to go if you have specific food preferences (for example, there’s an extensive vegan menu).

We try out two of their sorbets – coconut and chocolate – topped off with a raw chocolate heart. Everything is absolutely delicious and I struggle to comprehend that the sweets I’m feasting on don’t contain processed ingredients and are sweetened with palm sugar. It occurs to me that at this stage of our tour I’m actually a little healthier than when I started! However, that’s all about to change as we reach the next stop on this Brisbane desserts walking tour of South Bank – Zeus Street Greek.

The planning and timing are excellent as Timothy has ensured our hosts are ready for our arrival and our tables are waiting. It’s here that thoughts of maintaining my figure disappear completely. We feast on loukoumades (Greek doughnuts) drizzled with hazelnut chocolate and honey, and bougatsa (a velvety smooth vanilla bean custard), wrapped in filo pastry and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Wow.

Brisbane desserts walking tour of South Bank

Brisbane desserts walking tour of South Bank: Zeus Street Greek. Image: Marianne Diaz

A comfortably short walk takes us to our third stop – My Sweetopia, where ornately decorated cupcakes await. These are complemented with some exotic teas, including a refreshing star anise (licorice) brew.

Surprisingly, there are a few leftover cupcakes and these are boxed up and sent home with the younger members of our tour group – an indication of just how much we have eaten already and how full we are!

However, Timothy is not done with us yet. Our final destination is Cowch Dessert Cocktail Bar and I’m sure I can hear angels singing as I walk into what I can only describe as ‘dessert heaven’. The detail in the décor is amazing, right down (or make that up) to the udder-shaped light fittings.

Brisbane desserts walking tour of South Bank

Cowch Dessert Cocktail Bar. Image: Marianne Diaz

We’re seated at the main table and served two dessert pizzas to share. This is an experience like no other. We sample the crunchy s’mores’ pizza, topped with milk chocolate, marshmallows, cornflakes and crumble.

Our second pizza is hands down the favourite, banoffee with a white chocolate base, banana, crumble and whipped cream. And as if it could be any more scrumptious, a generous drizzling of salted caramel.

But wait, there’s more! Finally we’re dished up a sample of Cowch’s freshly baked ‘Udder Puffs’, with our choice of homemade ice cream and topping. I go for the caramelised condensed milk ice cream, smothered in pure melted white chocolate (with a few nuts on the top for health reasons).

After devouring my ‘paradise on a plate’, it’s time for this dream dessert-filled day to end. I haul myself up from the table for a digestive stroll around the South Bank Parklands, feeling quite proud of the sacrifices I have made today for readers across the nation.

Marianne travelled as a guest of Foodi.

Additional images: Bigstock


About the writer

Marianne Diaz is a research scientist by day and a freelance travel writer by night! She’s travelled to Sri Lanka to explore her children’s part-heritage and embarked on nerd-travel – travel for research to Japan, Bloomington, Chicago and Boston in the U.S. Her main aim is to get to the Italian Aeolian Islands one day with her whole family to check out the other half of her kids’ heritage (and her own). Marianne’s favourite travel love is exploring history-laden country towns, and the unique and intriguing landscapes of Australia. She believes there really is no place like home.

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