Asia can be anything you want it to be: relaxing beach break, cultural mecca, historical haven, retail nirvana or foodie's paradise...

Prepare to send your senses into overdrive in captivating Asia.

In this part of the world centuries of rich history are yours for the taking, and the great world cities of BeijingShanghai, Hanoi, Jakarta, Bangkok and Singapore will leave you absolutely awe-struck.

Whatever type of holiday you’re looking for you’ll find it in Asia. Discover the ancient customs and culture of China – the world’s emerging super-power. Then lose yourself in the maze of towering buildings and winding streets in bustling Hong Kong – where old and new sit side by side in perfect harmony.

Experience the historic and high tech sides of Japan’s capital city Tokyo, and enjoy the gentle serenity of Kyoto.

Asia travel guide

Asia travel guide: Hoi An

Visit Vietnam’s must-see cultural centres of Hanoi, Hoi An and Hue, while Ho Chi Minh City is a chance to learn more about the Vietnam War, one of history’s most disturbing chapters.

Neighbouring Cambodia offers access to the incredible temples of Angkor. Angkor Wat, the world’s largest religious structure, is a must-see at sunrise!

Asia travel guide

Asia travel guide: Bangkok

Discover Thailand’s hedonistic resort islands of Phuket and Koh Samui. Then explore exotic Malaysia with its dynamic capital Kuala Lumpur and fabulous flora and fauna – including the inquisitive orang-utan. The tranquil Indonesian island of Bali has long been an Aussie holiday hotspot.

Be among the first to visit Myanmar as it slowly opens its borders to tourism, and uncover the secrets of the subcontinent.

There’s so much to experience across this extraordinary region.

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Travel tips & advice

➲ Only got a limited amount of time to get to know a new city? Our Big Five City Guides can help! We break each new destination down into five bite-size chunks – culture, food, shopping, history and relaxation. We call them our Big Five and they’re everything you need to experience the essence of a new city. Access them here.

➲ Check the Australian Government’s Smart Traveller website for travel advisories regarding your chosen destination, and always register your travel plans with Smart Traveller.

➲ There are huge variations in climate across Asia. Southeast Asia is generally temperate all year round, while North Asia can be extremely hot or cold. Check the average temperatures carefully for your travel dates and pack accordingly. Southeast Asia has high humidity in the wet season, which generally corresponds with summer in the middle of the year. Humidity can make touring and moving about while on holiday uncomfortable, so keep this in mind when planning your trip. The best times to travel to Southeast Asia are generally the beginning and end of the year during the cooler weather.

Asia travel guide

Asia travel guide: Beijing

➲ Avoid travelling to Asia during peak seasons if you can. Airfares are cheaper and resorts are definitely cheaper and less crowded. Generally Asian hotel Stay/Pay deals have blackout dates during peak seasons. The times to avoid are Christmas/New Year, Australian school holidays and the summer months of July/August – generally considered peak season across Asia.

➲ Check with your doctor regarding immunisations required for Asia and pack a comprehensive First Aid kit. Generally the standard of food and food hygiene is good but always exercise caution. If you choose to eat at roadside stalls or markets, check the general standard of cleanliness and that a supply of clean water is present. Always ask for the food to be freshly cooked in front of you and avoid fresh fruits and salads as they may have been washed in contaminated water.

➲ Always be highly respectful of the local customs and culture in Asia. When visiting temples, it is generally required that shoulders to knees are covered. Shoes must generally be removed. For ladies it’s a good idea to carry a sarong that can be used to cover up as necessary. Men should wear t-shirts and long shorts if planning a temple visit.

Asia travel guide

Asia travel guide: Bali

➲ Shopping in Asia is lots of fun and Asian markets are always worth visiting. It’s a great way to engage directly with the locals. Be warned – the sights, sounds and smells at fresh food markets can be confronting. Morning is the best time to visit the markets and the first sale of the day is generally considered good luck so you may pick up a bargain. Haggling is expected, but keep a sense of humour. It’s only a couple of dollars to you but it might be dinner to someone else. Generally offer a third to half of the original asking price and take it from there.

➲ While travelling in Asia be vigilant but not paranoid. Be open to experiences but be aware of your surroundings and personal safely at all times, particularly in crowds where petty crime can be a problem. If something feels wrong it probably is. Trust your intuition!

Browse all our Asia destination stories and Big Five City Guides here.

Do you have any tips to add to our Asia travel guide? We would love to hear from you. Please send us a message.

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